Pergolux Skydance pergola 3x4 antrasitt på terrasse med havutsikt
Pergolux Skydance 3x4 med LED belysning, varm hvit. Koselig
Pergolux Skydance 3x4 med LED belysning, varm hvit. Koselig
Pergolux Skydance 3x4 antrasitt med led-belysning i vinterstid. Kvalitetstid utendørs
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak med LED lys
Pergolux Skydance 3x4 antrasitt i hjørne av hagen. Møbler under. Klar himmel
Pergolux skydance pergola 3x4 antrasitt i soloppgang
Model står ved siden av pergola søylen og ser utover solnedgangen.
Pergolux skydance pergola med led lys i kveldssol
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak med LED lys
Pergolux skydance søylefot
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak antrasitt
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak hjørne
Pergolux skydance pergola elektrisk motor til lamelltaket
Pergolux skydance pergola åpent lamelltak med LED lys
Pergolux skydance pergola antraistt åpent lamelltak med LED
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak åpnet 120 grader
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak med LED lys
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak åpent
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak
Pergolux skydance pergola med lamelltak
Pergolux skydance pergola elektrisk motor
Pergolux skydance pergola lamelltak med LED lys
Pergolux skydance 3x3 mål
Pergolux skydance 3x3 mål med søyleføtter
Pergolux skydance 3x4 mål
Pergolux skydance 3x4 mål med søyleføtter
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PERGOLUX Skydance is the answer to many of our customers' wishes; luxurious design, integrated LED lighting and electrically adjustable slats.

The pergola is built on over 10 years of experience with pergolas in Norway. The result is a robust construction with a perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

The slats can be easily opened and closed according to weather conditions using a remote control. The LED lighting can be dimmed so that you can create your perfect outdoor space at any time. Let the sky dance freely above you from sunrise to sunset with PERGOLUX Skydance.

Key features:

  • Easy to install. Normally 4-6 hours for 2 people.

  • Maintenance-free construction in powder-coated aluminium.

  • Tailor-made accessories: upgrade your pergola with screens, glass walls and lots of other accessories. 

  • Strong slatted roof to withstand 30lbs/sqft (25lbs/sqft by the 13'x19 size).

  • For the whole year whether it's snow, rain or sun!

  • 100% waterproof: with gaskets between the slats, you get a completely tight roof!

Important: The new sizes of Skydance, 4x4m and 4x6m, have changed the inner dimensions and therefore the screens, wooden slat walls and glass walls currently available on the website are not compatible.


    PERGOLUX Web App

    Super easy assembly!

    When developing the PERGOLUX Pergolas the focus was on extremely simple assembly which our customers can carry out themselves. 

    PERGOLUX Pergola mounting system is thoughtfully developed and includes innovative "click & fit" solutions that makes the pergolas and its accessories very easy to install. You don't need any mounting / installation experience to assemble a product from the PERGOLUX Ecosystem.

    With the brand new PERGOLUX Web App are we taking the mounting to a whole new level with video-guide for each and every step.

    If you have any further questions about the construction of the PERGOLUX Pergola, you can contact us at any time in the chat or by telephone. We're happy to help!

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    Skydance 3x3
    Skydance 3x4
    Skydance 4x4
    Skydance 4x6
    Skydance 3x3
    Skydance 3x4
    Skydance 4x4
    Skydance 4x6



    At PERGOLUX, we place great importance on providing you with an exceptional experience, from the moment you place your order to the complete installation of your products. Our delivery process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, and consists of four easy steps:

    1. Place an order for your favorite PERGOLUX product.

    2. Schedule the delivery date with our logistics partner.

    3. Our logistics partner will deliver your order on the agreed date. We kindly ask for your assistance during unloading. Our pergolas come in multiple packages, each weighing around 40 kg, which can easily be lifted by two people. If you are unable to assist with unloading, we recommend scheduling a different delivery date.

    4. Assemble the product and enjoy your new dream garden.

    PS: The delivery date depends on the product with the longest delivery time. We ship the order when all products are in stock to minimize transport journeys and CO2 emissions (excluding LEDs and heating lamps). Current delivery dates are displayed on the product page, near the price. Some variants are in stock, while others are in transit to our warehouse. For more accurate delivery dates, please refer to the product page when selecting a specific variant. We offer free shipping for all orders over 1000EUR! Please be available for delivery and assist with unloading. To save space, you can stack the PERGOLUX pergola packages if you wish to store them before assembly. Shipping service provider: Häberle Logistik.

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    Award-Winning Design

    Our Most Durable Roof Yet!


    No. The PERGOLUX pergola is only available at

    While the pergola might look similar to other pergolas found elsewhere, there are significant differences between the PERGOLUX pergola and other pergolas.

    Here are some advantages of the PERGOLUX pergola:

    Developed and designed in Norway for Norwegian conditions.
    Larger dimensions.
    Specially designed and reinforced roof.
    Excellent drainage with a slight slope and a good gutter system.
    No middle beam, preventing leaks.
    Direction system hidden within the beam for better protection against the elements.
    Part of the PERGOLUX ecosystem, allowing the pergola to be compatible with current and future accessories.
    Online customer service available every day from 8 am to 10 pm. If you need help with assembly or encounter any problems with the pergola, we are more than happy to assist you!

    When we have the products in stock, it only takes 5 to 15 business days for you to receive the product at your home.

    The PERGOLUX pergola is available in standard sizes of 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m, and 4x6m. If you want a different size, the pergola can also be easily customized.

    Height customization: To adjust the height of the pergola, the posts must be cut. The posts are made of aluminum, a relatively flexible material. Therefore, the height can be easily adjusted using a miter saw if you cut slowly. You can also use an angle grinder or a hacksaw. We recommend covering the cut surface with silicone or spraying a layer of rust-proof paint to prevent aluminum oxidation. Once the height is cut, you will need to drill new holes for the base plates. You can obtain the necessary tools for drilling at specialized stores or from a nearby building material dealer.

    Width customization: If you wish to adjust the width of the pergola, this can be done lengthwise. The slats are positioned every 12 cm, so you can cut the beams between each slat. The width can be easily adjusted using a miter saw with a wooden blade if you cut slowly. You can also use an angle grinder or a hacksaw. Once the beam is cut, you will also need to cut a top rail and gutters of the same length. Finally, you will need to drill new holes in the beam for attachment.

    Warranty in case of customization: If you customize your pergola, you will not lose the warranty on the entire pergola. You will only lose the warranty on the parts you customized.

    Accessories during customization: When customizing your pergola, you will lose the ability to use certain accessories, but don't worry - you can still customize your pergola with many great additional equipment!

    Height customization: By adjusting the height, you will no longer be able to install glass walls as they have a fixed height. However, you can still use blinds and other accessories.

    Width customization: By adjusting the width, you will no longer be able to use our PERGOLUX screens. You can still use our glass walls (the lower and upper rail will need to be cut) and many other excellent accessories.

    There must be a solid surface under the pergola in order to securely attach the pergola to it. By solid surface, we mean a wooden or concrete deck. If you wish to install it freestanding, for instance on a lawn, we recommend pouring foundations where the pergola will be placed.